Promoting the Profession of Court Reporting in South Carolina


Active Membership: All persons who now are active members or may hereafter be admitted to active membership in this Association in the manner hereinafter prescribed and whose dues have been paid in full for the current fiscal year shall constitute the active membership of this Association, excepting those whose membership shall have been suspended or revoked.

Qualifications for Membership: Any Circuit or Family Court Reporter shall be eligible for active membership in this Association.

Charter Members: All Circuit and Family Court Reporters shall become charter members of this Association upon paying their annual dues in August of the calendar year.

Retired Members: Any Circuit of Family Court Reporter retired from his or her official capacity as a Court Reporter with the Judicial Department. Any retired members in good standing may participate in discussions during business meetings; however, only active members shall be eligible to vote and only active members shall be eligible to hold an elective office.

Please note - yearly membership runs from August to August.  If you join midyear, the membership is not prorated.

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SCSCRA Constitution and Bylaws